Left click also for 'Send to Open Dialog' option in context menus?

10/23/2011 08:55 am
AD already adds an 'Send to Autodialogs Menu' option in (file?) context menu's. I would love a 'Send to Open Dialog' option also. That would open up AD-style of entering file names into dialogs for any file that happens to be listed and is not in the AD file list.
Oleg Chernavin
10/24/2011 05:14 am
Sorry, I did't understand the purpose of this menu entry. Can you please explain it in detail?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
10/24/2011 06:00 am
Thanks. I meant the following scenario as an example
- A file manager is open
- It points to a file X
- Word is open
- Open file in word
- The open dialog of Word is there
== so far standard
- now I'd like to point to file X i happen to have accessible in the file manager
- right click on X
- a context menu entry would be available 'send to dialog' (just as Send to has now for a limited choice of applications. It would also be click less)

Word is perhaps not the right example, but this would work for any open dialog just as Autodialogs works for any file listed in the folder list of Autodialogs. The advantage being that I can use Autodialogs for infrequently used files, those that are probably not included in the file list or recently used files.
Oleg Chernavin
10/24/2011 06:17 am
I will think about this. So far not sure what to do if there are several Open dialogs on the screen and if there is no dialog.

10/24/2011 12:58 pm
Thanks for considering. I'd suggest the similar behavior as a regular Autodialogs insertion, if possible. Open a (second) file manager if no dialog open and Insert into the last used dialog if more then one is open. Personally I'd go for just anyone in the last case ..... Again, thanks.
Oleg Chernavin
10/24/2011 01:05 pm
OK. I will add it to my plans.