Windows 7 x64 and print to Adobe Acrobat PDF save as dialog problem

Ted Jardine
08/17/2011 02:36 pm
Using Windows 7 x64 and the lastest version of AD (2.7) and the biggest use that I bought it for doesn't work.

Typical "save as" works fine (i.e. "save as" from browser allows for the AD integration with the save as dialog AND the dialog switched to the applicable directory as necessary.

However, I often save online invoices to PDF via print -> Adobe PDF -> which brings up a Save PDF File as dialogue (standard Windows save as dialogue box). Unfortunately, clicking on an AD directory does not navigate the current dialogue to the required directory, but rather pops up another useless Explorer window with the selected directory. The save as dialogue remains in the same location.

Again, I just bought AD (through BitsDuJour) for this very reason. I unfortunately didn't trial it first.
Ted Jardine
08/17/2011 02:37 pm
Oh, and the taskbar menu does the same thing.
Oleg Chernavin
08/17/2011 02:41 pm
I am sorry for this bug!

Yes, some applications fail in 64-bit Windows, unfortunately. We are currently working to fix this.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff