Recently used folders not working

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Rado 10/02/2009 04:40 am


I've just upgraded to AutoDialogs 2.5.158, now "Recently used folders" is not working anymore - it's not updating the folders. It worked fine with 2.4.150. I've tried to delete LastUsed.dat but that doesn't help. OS is XP Pro SP3.

Rado 10/02/2009 11:37 am

Well I've just discovered that the problem disappears if I use the old Caption Button, so it must be connected with the new button in some way.

Oleg Chernavin 10/05/2009 04:59 am
OK. I will work on this. Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Rado 10/05/2009 01:23 pm
Thanks. I've noticed another thing: the old problem with the icon sometimes not showing up in Explorer before you click where it's supposed to be has reappared. It only affects the old icon though, not the new one. One of the things that triggers it is when you minimize Explorer and then bring it into focus again by clicking its icon on the Taskbar.

Rado 10/05/2009 01:53 pm

I forgot the Open/Save dialogs, it also disappears here (every time, it seems) - you can see a short glimpse of it when you open the dialogs, then it's gone again.

Ari Cohn 10/26/2009 02:22 pm

Any success in fixing the Recently Used Folders problem with the new button?
Oleg Chernavin 10/27/2009 05:27 am
Sorry, not yet. The old way was digging deeply inside the windows which caused some issues. But it allowed to get the internal information, like the current folder. The new way has better compatibility, but lacks the current folder feature.

I am still thinking on how to get that info some other way.

Ari Cohn 10/31/2009 01:01 am

Thanks for the update. I hope you find a method to get this information, because the recently-used folders feature has turned out to be the most useful feature of Auto-Dialogs for me.

Mozes 11/12/2009 08:54 am
I have the same problem... I hope you'll fix it soon.
thanks for the support
Ari Cohn 11/12/2009 11:06 am

Did you see the workaround mentioned earlier in this thread? Open the Properties dialog box, click the AutoDialogs Caption Button tab, then uncheck the option "Use new caption button style."
Mozes 11/12/2009 06:23 pm
hey Ari,
yes, I've seen it but the change didn't work for me. it's like the module of "Recently used folders" has died... the list literally stop to be updated and was cut off of adding items any more.
I think I'll install the previous version until the new one will be fixed.