"Ensure that paths are valid" bug?

07/22/2008 10:49 pm

Win XP SP3

"Ensure that paths are valid" doesn''t seem to work in all situations. This can cause some curious things:

1. Try to download a file in IE7, and place it in a new folder, e.g. C:\temp\New Folder

2. Rename that folder to e.g. New Folder1

3. Now download a new file in IE7, find the renamed folder in the "Recent folders" list in AD (where it will still have its original name "New Folder"), and select it. The file now starts downloading right away. The file is placed in C:\temp under the name New Folder.ext, ext being the extension of the downloaded file.

Can anyone reproduce this?

Oleg Chernavin
07/23/2008 10:09 am
Yes, AutoDialogs doesn''t check if folders were renamed. I will think on how to overcome such collision in a future version of AutoDialogs.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff