Crashes in Autodesk Inventor

Tomas Johansson
02/12/2008 01:47 am

I'm totally addicted to Autodialogs since I navigate a lot on long server paths. I bought it in 2003 and never had any problems before. The other day I tipped a collegue about the program and showed him your website. This was a major mistake, since I saw that I had free upgrades, and upgraded to 2.3.144.
After a few days my Autodesk Inventor started to crash in opening dialogs, first only once aday or so, but then accelerating. At the end the program crashed as soon as I opened an open or save dialog box.
I found an old 1.35 or something on an old computer in the workshop, but I would really like to get back a copy of 2.2.

Best regards Tomas