Controlled Startup

Controlled Startup feature allows you to skip certain programs at startup by holding the Shift key while Windows is logging on.

The new version allows you to choose the key for the Controlled Startup feature. It is also possible now to prompt for a confirmation whether to start every program in the Controlled Startup or not.

You can also enable sound to indicate when it is better to hold down the Controlled Startup key.

StartUp Guard

This unique feature looks for other non-standard ways to run programs while system starts. It shows potentially dangerous places and offers an automatic way to fix issues.

Undo operations

StartUp Organizer allows you to undo any operation that you have done on the programs list. You can safely do what you want and revert to the previous state when necessary.

You can also make multiple backup configurations to restore if you have done something wrong or if you need to switch configurations quickly.

StartUp Organizer also can compare backup file with the current configuration.

Easy Wheel™

StartUp Organizer supports Easy Wheel™ technology. You don