When you browse web sites, you can store all kinds of web pages, video, images and Shockwave Flash files from your Web browser. You can also save only the selected page parts. There are several convenient ways to save:

  • The Save Page button allows you to save a page with just one click.
  • Drag-and-drop page icon to the Inquiry side panel in MS Internet Explorer
  • Right-click inside a page and use its context menu to store the page.
  • Drag a selection with links to download and store all pages linked to the selection.
  • You can append the current page contents or a selection on the page to another page.
  • Use the Auto Save button to automatically store all pages you browse to a special folder.

Inquiry lets you organize pages to find information fast:

  • Edit pages visually to remove unwanted banners, menus, etc.
  • Create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders to organize stored pages.
  • Add custom comments, keywords and other information to each page.
  • Search within saved pages for keywords.
  • Sort pages within folders by URL, Title, Date or manually.
  • View saved pages with a single click.
  • Copy, move, delete or rename pages.
  • Use icons to mark stored pages.

You can share the information stored in Inquiry with others:

  • Export a page or a whole folder to HTML Help (CHM), MHT, Compressed EXE viewer or a collection of HTML pages.
  • Create backup files to keep reserved copies or to transfer information to another computer.
  • Extract all images from saved pages to a folder.
  • Send a page by E-mail or transfer it to MS Word.