The Quick Access Toolbar<\/h1>

The Quick Access Toolbar is located along the top of the workspace.<\/p>

You can place it below the Ribbon by clicking More Commands<\/b> and selecting the Show the Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon<\/b> command.<\/p>

Selecting More Commands<\/b> enables you to add other tools to which you want quick access.<\/p>\"Customize

The Quick Access Toolbar buttons<\/h4>




Closes Offline Explorer.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Restore deleted Project or Folder<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>


Restores the last deleted Project or Folder.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Save changes you made to Options or Projects<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>


Saves any last adjusted settings.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Complete current files download and temporarily suspend other URLs<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>


When you suspend a download, the downloading of files will not be stopped immediately. The program will complete the downloading of the current files before it pauses.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p>


Stop downloading the Selected Project<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td>

Stops downloading the selected Project. When you restart the downloading of a Project, all of the files will be downloaded from the very beginning.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Customize Quick Access Toolbar<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td>

Lists all options available in the Quick Access Toolbar. Enables you to add other options to the Quick Access Toolbar, place the Quick Access Toolbar above or below the Ribbon Tab Bar, and to hide the Ribbon Tab Bar.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>\r\n"}