The File Tab<\/h1>

Clicking the File Tab displays Backstage view. Backstage view takes over the whole screen and is organized in 3 panels.  The left panel includes tabs to switch between available options. These include: Project Wizard, New, Information, Help, Options, Manage Templates, Save Changes, and Exit. The center panel offers related options.<\/p>

The New tab is always selected when you open Backstage View.<\/p>

Backstage view buttons<\/h4>




Project Wizard<\/o:p><\/span><\/b><\/p><\/td>

Opens the New Project Wizard<\/b> dialog box to create a new Project.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>


Provides quick access to creating New Project or Folder options.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>


Following are the options available to create  a new Project:<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>

Project Properties<\/span><\/b> dialog box, Folder Properties dialog box, New project Wizard dialog box, download Project Properties from a text file, or create new Project from a BitTorrent file.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p>


To create a new Project, click the one of the available options in the center panel of the Backstage view, and then click Create<\/b> in the right panel.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>


Provides quick access to the information regarding the selected Project.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>


Provides quick access to the program Help and User Forum. Enables you to get support, report a problem, find program Release Notes and License Agreement.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>



Opens the Options<\/b> dialog box.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Manage Templates<\/o:p><\/span><\/b><\/p><\/td>

Opens the Templates Editor<\/b> dialog box.<\/span><\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Save changes<\/o:p><\/span><\/b><\/p><\/td>

Saves any last changes you have made to the program general preferences, Project properties, Download settings, and settings available in Offline Explorer.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>


Closes the program.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>


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