Use Keyboard Shortcuts<\/h1>

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported in Offline Explorer:<\/p>

Keys to manage Projects and Folders in the Project Tree panel<\/h4>
Sort Projects in the Folder by names<\/td>Shift+Ctl+N<\/td><\/tr>
Create new Folder<\/td>Ctl+Alt+N<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

Note:<\/b> To select multiple Projects or Folders, hold down Shift<\/b> or Ctl<\/b> while clicking the left mouse button.<\/p>

Keys to manage downloading a Project<\/h4>
Start downloading selected Project<\/td>F5<\/td><\/tr>
Restart downloading selected Project<\/td>Alt+F5<\/td><\/tr>
Start downloading selected Project in the \"Do not download existing files\u201d mode. Offline Explorer will add all downloaded files to the Project Map, and then download all missing files.<\/td>Ctrl+F5<\/td><\/tr>
Stop downloading a selected Project<\/td>F8<\/td><\/tr>
Open the Project Statistics<\/b> dialog box<\/td>Ctl+Alt+S<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

Keys to work with a downloaded Project<\/h4>
Browse a downloaded Project<\/td>F6<\/td><\/tr>
Edit the downloaded files<\/td>F4<\/td><\/tr>
Select multiple files under the Level tab.<\/td>Shift+click, or Ctrl+click<\/td><\/tr>
Open the Project Properties<\/b> dialog box<\/td>Alt+Enter<\/td><\/tr>
Export the downloaded files<\/td>Ctl+E<\/td><\/tr>
Delete selected Project and the files downloaded for this Project<\/td>Delete<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

Keys to work with the Map of a downloaded Project<\/h4>
Open the Select Map Files dialog<\/b><\/b><\/td>Shift+Ctl+S<\/td><\/tr>
Open the Windows properties of a downloaded file<\/td>Alt+Enter<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

Keys to work with the Project Properties dialog box.<\/h4>
Open the Project Properties dialog box<\/b><\/b><\/td>Alt+Enter<\/td><\/tr>
Open the Project Description dialog box<\/b><\/b><\/td>Ctl+D<\/td><\/tr>
Paste the text in the Project Description<\/b> dialog box<\/td>Ctl+V<\/td><\/tr>
Copy the highlighted text in the Project Description<\/b> dialog box<\/td>Ctl+C<\/td><\/tr>
Cut the highlighted text in the Project Description<\/b> dialog box<\/td>Ctl+X<\/td><\/tr>
Restore the deleted Project or Folder<\/td>Ctl+Z<\/td><\/tr>
Select the entire text in the Project Description<\/b> dialog box to clipboard<\/td>Ctl+A<\/td><\/tr>
Apply template<\/td>Ctl+Alt+T<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

Keys to work with the Addresses (URLs) field in the Project Properties dialog box<\/h4>
Expand the Addresses(URLs) field in the Project Properties dialog box<\/td>F11<\/td><\/tr>
Lists Parameters that can be specified in the Addresses(URLs) field<\/td>F12<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>

Keys to work with keywords for the URL Filters in the Project Properties<\/b> dialog box<\/h4>
Download keywords from a text file to the currently selected list of keywords<\/td>Ctrl+L<\/td><\/tr>
Move all keywords from the Included list to the Excluded list, or from the Excluded list to theIncluded<\/b> list<\/b><\/b><\/b><\/b><\/td>Ctrl+M<\/td><\/tr>
Add the starting server, directory, or filename to the selected list of keywords<\/td>Ctrl+S<\/td><\/tr>
Copy all keywords<\/td>Ctrl+C<\/td><\/tr>
Select all keywords in the list<\/td>Ctrl+A<\/td><\/tr>
Deselect all keywords in the list<\/td>Ctrl+N<\/td><\/tr>
Edit a keyword in-place<\/td>F2<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>\r\n"}