Create a Project with the New Project Wizard<\/h1>\r\n

Each time you run Offline Explorer Pro, the New Project Wizard screen will appear. If you do not want the New Project Wizard screen to appear each time you start the program, then click the Show when Offline Explorer Pro starts<\/b> box on the first page of the New Project Wizard to clear.<\/p>\r\n

To create a Project with the New Project Wizard, follow these steps:<\/h4>\r\n

Step 1<\/h4>\r\n
  • On the Home<\/b> tab, click New Project Wizard<\/b>.<\/li>\r\n
  • On the Welcome to the New Project Wizard<\/b> page, type the starting web address (URL) of the web content or site you want to download in the Project URL<\/b> box. By default, theProject name<\/b> is automatically saved as the title of the web page. However, if you would like to change it, you can do so at any time by typing in a new Project name.<\/b><\/li>\r\n
  • On the same Welcome to the New Project Wizard<\/b>page, select the Download directory<\/b>. This is where your downloaded files will be stored. By default, Offline Explorer Pro places all downloaded websites into the following folder: c:download<\/b> directory. To change Download directory<\/b>, click Browse<\/b> and select where you would like Offline Explorer Pro to save your downloaded web content. Click Next<\/b>.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n

    Step 2<\/h4>\r\n

    In the Levels limit<\/b> box, select the number of levels you would like to download. This value determines how many levels deep from the starting URL a download should go. If you only need the first page and the images on it, set Levels limit<\/b> to 0. To download all pages linked to the first page, set Levels limit<\/b> to 1, etc. To download the entire website, clear the Levels limit<\/b>check box. Click Next<\/b>.<\/p>\r\n

    Note:<\/b> If you clear the Levels limit<\/b> check box, select Load only within the starting URL<\/b> or Load only from the starting server<\/b> on the Download location<\/b> page of the wizard. This will prevent Offline Explorer Pro from downloading files from the entire Internet.<\/p> \r\n\r\n

    Step 3<\/h4>\r\n

    Select the file types that you would like to exclude from the download. To download all file types, select Download all file that are linked to the starting page<\/b>. To skip downloading certain types of files (Graphics, Video, Audio or Archive), select those that you would like to exclude and then select Skip loading the following file types.<\/b> File types with a check mark will be excluded, while file types without a check mark will be included. <\/p>

    Click Next<\/b>.<\/p>\r\n

    Step 4<\/h4>\r\n

    Select a Download Location<\/b>. Because web pages have different web addresses (URLs), even if they belong to the same website, Offline Explorer Pro enables you to download only those files you need by filtering web addresses. The following selections can help you define your download location: To download files and web pages only within the starting address (URL), selectLoad only within the starting URL.<\/b>To download files only belonging to the starting server, select Load only from the starting server<\/b>. This will skip downloading from other servers. To download files from all linked websites, select Load from any location<\/b>. To download all images, select Load images from any location<\/b>. Click Next<\/b>.<\/p>\r\n

    Step 5<\/h4>\r\n

    To start the download immediately, select Download the new Project now<\/b>. To start the download later, select Download the Project later<\/b>. To create a general view of the overall website contents (site map), select Generate site map<\/b><\/p>\r\n

    If you would like to adjust your download settings, select Setup advanced properties<\/b>. Click Next<\/b>.<\/p>\r\n

    The newly created Project will appear in the Project Tree<\/b> panel.<\/p>\r\n

    See also<\/h4>Project Properties<\/a>
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    Delete a Project<\/a>\r\n"}