Don Kuzenko

I have corresponded with you in the past and wanted to thank you for your reply. I will purchase my upgrade this evening (I am having trouble with the on-line purchase from work). I'd also like to provide some positive feedback: I don't have his name in front of me, but I believe I am thinking of the fellow who developed Offline Explorer. At any rate, the person I have emailed in the past has always been extremely helpful providing support (even though at one point it was only for a trial version). I also very much like the product (I have dial up so it is nice to download certain sites so I can view them at 'virtual' high speed). Most of my experience is on UNIX based machines, but I have used a PC desktop at home for years. I am in the process of switching to FreeBSD and Mac OSX almost exclusively but will still have a PC around for 'backward compatibility' (and maybe a few games :-) I am therefore purchasing the upgrade to OE Pro as I would rather use it than anything else even though it will not be running on my main machine. I hope you take this comment properly, it is meant to be high praise of your product, your support, and ultimately your company.