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Mass Downloader has been awarded SoftPedia Pick!

Mass Downloader has been awarded SoftPedia Pick!

Mass Downloader 2.6.447 SR1 has been awarded by SoftPedia with 5 stars and SoftPedia Pick.

AutoDialogs featured at

MetaProduct AutoDialogs was chosen from new applications to be in the daily feature on the main page.

AutoDialogs at



Increase Your Computer’s Startup Speed

Startup Organizer from MetaProducts

Startup Organizer provides access to programs that are automatically started when you start up your computer. Easily remove unnecessary programs that are automatically started and run in the background. If you’re not sure what a program does, double click on it for details. Reduce the time required for your system to start up by disabling programs you don`t need all the time. Define the order or specify a delay between starting programs.

Offline Explorer Pro featured at

MetaProduct Offline Explorer Pro was chosen from new applications to be in the daily feature on the main page.

File Transit awards

File Transit awards

MetaProducts applications:
  • Offline Explorer Enterprise 2.9
  • Offline Explorer 2.9
  • Offline Explorer Pro 2.9
  • Mass Downloader 2.6
  • Links Organizer 1.3 SR2
  • TrayIcon Standard 1.4
  • TrayIcon Menu 1.4
  • TrayIcon Explorer 1.4
  • MetaProducts Download Express 1.4
have been awarded by with 5 and 4 stars !
Offline Explorer Pro

Offline Explorer Pro

Offline Explorer Pro has received a 4.5 Star Rating at!
Offline Explorer Enterprise

Offline Explorer Enterprise

Offline Explorer Enterprise has been awarded 5 Stars by
Download Express reviewed by TechTV - Call For Help

Download Express reviewed by TechTV - Call For Help

Free File: Download Express

Double your download speeds.

By Craig Higdon

Like a mighty locomotive, Download Express quickly gets you where you want to be. Even on broadband it effectively doubled my download rate. Today Roger shows you how to use this sweet and incredibly easy download accelerator.

Download Express collects chunks of the file you want to download from different places simultaneously. The result is the full file on your end without having to wait on a single server.

  1. Download and install Download Express.
  2. Restart Internet Explorer.
  3. Start downloading.

Download Express will pop up and ask you if you want to save it to disk or run it. Choose an option and start your download.

You`ll see your basic download information on the Info tab, specifics about the download on the Progress tab, and a neat graphical representation of your download on the Map tab. The interface even gives you the option to open your file when the download completes.

I`m not one for tweaking, but Download Express has a bunch of options for you tweak types. Simply click the Advanced button to customize your connection.

Download Express is sweet, sweet juju and it gets you your file a heck of a lot faster. If you`re tired of wasting your youth while downloading our free files, get Download Express and rediscover your life.

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AutoDialogs reviewed by Australian Computer Trader (May`03)

Click in the folders

One of the more time consuming exercises when using Windows on a system with a complex folder structure is navigating oneself to the desired folder when opening or saving a document. It is messy to keep all of one`s documents in the My Documents folder but trekking through a tall tree of folders for letters or spreadsheets or files of any kind can be aggravating.

That is the time you will appreciate AutoDialogs, a quick and easy utility to move you to a particular folder. Run AutoDialogs at start up and it is just a mouse click or a hotkey away to move you directly to the folder you seek for opening, saving or browsing files. With a small system footprint and easy to use, version 2 of this handy application will save you time and effort regularly. Simple to set up and always at your fingertips, AutoDialogs is another of a list of highly regarded programs from MetaProducts Corporation and you can download the trial version from The Most Popular awards! The Most Popular awards!

MetaProducts products:
  • Offline Explorer
  • Offline Explorer Pro
  • Offline Explorer Enterprise
  • Mass Downloader
  • MetaProducts Download Express
  • MetaProducts Internet Suite
  • StartUp Organizer
  • MetaTree Component (for Delphi 5,6,7)
was awarded with "The Most Popular" award by editors.

Web Studio featured at

MetaProduct Web Studio was chosen from new applications to be in the daily feature on the main page.
Web Studio at
Web Studio has been awarded 5 Gold Disk by

Web Studio has been awarded 5 Gold Disk by

Web Studio - Web Studio is based on the most recent version of MetaProducts renowned editor for web developers and webmasters, Visual Workshop. Web Studio incorporates Visual Workshop with LightPad, a very popular software program at the soft market, as well as Template Editor and Tags Designer.

Web Studio increases the speed and accuracy of web site creation. Whether your web site is written completely in HTML or includes Cascading Style Sheets (CSS,) JavaScript and VB Script, SQL, PHP or Perl programming, Web Studio will let you develop and preview web pages quickly and easily. Web Studio is supported by Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

Offline Explorer Pro reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Offline Explorer Pro reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Author: Michael E. Callahan

Offline Explorer Pro, by MetaProducts Corporation, is a handy tool for downloading all of your favorite Web sites. And when I say Web sites, I don`t just mean HTML pages. This baby can handle downloading MMS, FTP, HTTPS, and RTSP pages too! And it`s perfect for "grabbing" things that you want to browse later. Or save for later. And, if you wish you can also edit the pages you save. And what really impressed me is that you can do up to 500 sites at one time!!! Very slick. And it`s impressive just how fast Offline Explorer Pro is. I feel the user interface is quite intuitive and very easy-to-use, which makes it perfect for both new and experienced users.

Offline Explorer Pro gives you lots of options and lots of power to get the job done. You can have URL macros, a specific download directory, and even a display of the files awaiting download. And you also have the flexibility to exclude, or include, specific files, folders, and servers. You can do this strictly through the use of keywords! And the program handles anything that you throw at it because it supports all of the most common and popular "standards." It supports, for example, Macromedia Flash, cascading style sheets, Adobe Acrobat, XML, table of contents, RealMedia, and lots more. And that means that when go to browse Web pages you`ve downloaded, you get to see it all! Very nicely done!

Offline Explorer Pro, by MetaProducts Corporation, is a perfect tool for downloading Web pages for later use. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. And it provides support for a dazzling array of standards currently in use on the Internet. The program is extremely fast, and gives you a range of configurable options. So, if you`ve been looking for a way to download Web pages so you can look at them later, this may be just what you`ve been looking for. I`ve looked at a number of similar programs, and this is the best I`ve seen. Take a good look for yourself! I recommend it!

Web Studio reviewed by

Web Studio reviewed by

If you are advanced web developer looking for a down and dirty development tool suite to design powerful and functional web sites without putting out a lot of pocket greenery, look no further than MetaProducts’ Web Studio.

This isn’t your sister’s editor for designing a site featuring pictures of her cat published on her personal ISP homepage. This is the serious stuff for hardcore Java Monkeys, PHP Fiends, and HTML Gurus. Web Studio is a web SDK for site designers who know the code behind the pages you see on the web. Don’t expect a WYSIWYG editor.

Web Studio is a development tool for working with HTML/XML, Jscript, PHP, Perl, ActiveX, VBScript, and CSS. An integrated FTP client allows a nice alternative to FrontPage extensions. A tags editor allows the creation of custom toolbars. Templates are managed through the use of a template manager program. Web Studio also sports an advanced replacement to the Windows notepad with code sensitive syntax highlighting.

Wizards take you through most of the routine chores of setting up a new site. I am highly impressed with the documentation which includes a web language code reference. The SDK is great for advanced users but is definitely not for novices who should stick with a simpler editor. If you are a journeyman or master website developer and are looking for an effective and inexpensive web dev SDK, Web Studio may be up your alley. Give the shareware version a try by downloading below.

WinGo reviewed by PC

WinGo reviewed by PC

Forget the Documents menu and your folder Shortcuts. This utility easily creates custom menus with submenus that you can access from the system tray. Any shortcut on your computer can be launched from WinGo with a quick click of the mouse.