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Offline Explorer - I Wonder What I’ll Find?

Offline Explorer - I Wonder What I’ll Find?

By: Erik McPherson

Author`s Product Rating: 5 stars

Well I’ve already got Microsoft Internet Explorer and FTP Explorer. This makes me feel Christopher Columbus in itself. Now we’re going to take a look at another product by the name of, you guessed it, Offline Explorer.

Program Specifics

Offline Explorer is a program produced by MetaProducts Software Corporation. They also produce another version of this product titled Offline Explorer Pro. I will explain the differences between these products shortly.

Offline Explorer version 1.4.337 SR2 (They call it 1.4) is a 584 KB download from:

The basic function of the program is to download Web and FTP sites for offline viewing, editing, and browsing. You can download up to 100 sites at a time. I thought this was a pretty impressive number to be simultaneously running from my computer. The program has a built in browser for easy viewing. The difference that I found with Offline Explorer and other Offline browsing tools is that it will allow you to individually exclude and/or include specific servers, directories, or files. You can also backup/restore your web project through Offline Explorer. This is handy when you make a lot of changes to the website and a mistake is made. You can quickly restore back to the original and then upload back to your web server.

The installation of the product was quick and painless. It put an icon in my Start Menu (Windows 98 SE) and also on my Desktop. I started the program and it came up to Project Setup. It wanted the URL and Project Name of the website I wanted to download. The next screen asked me how deep I wanted to go on the website. The default limit was one page deep. This keeps Offline Explorer from going 500 directories deep into a website that might go all over the Internet. The next setup screen wanted to know what files to get from the site. The default was All Files. You could also set it up to skip any of the following file types:

o Images
o Audio
o Video
o Archive files (.zip, .rar, etc.)

It then wanted to know where to download the files to on my hard drive. I could limit the download to this specific URL or a specific Starting Server or download from any location until my previous limit of how deep to go into the website was reached. The final screen wanted to know when I wanted to download (now, later, or advanced options).

Of course, I can’t keep from clicking on advanced options. I like to get way to deep into things.

Advanced options was packed full of new goodies that the program would perform for you. Just naming a few, they included:

o Size Limit (limit the amount of information you download from the site)
o Scripts (whether to run scripts (cgi, etc.) off of the site after downloaded))
o Java (will enable the processing of Java classes)
o When to update the site (you can have it automatically download at certain intervals or set it to only download when you tell it to. Manual is the default)
o Password (set a password for any changes made to the site)

What good is this to me?

After all your options have been set, you just click on the download button at the top of the screen. This will download the pages, images, and/or files from the site, depending on how your preferences were set. You can then browse through the site, just as if you were looking at the site in Internet Explorer. It also builds a map of the site for you and will show you the URL (Internet Address) of where all the images or files on your site are coming from. You can have multiple projects with multiple websites running at the same time in Offline Explorer.

Differences between Offline Explorer and Offline Explorer Pro

The main differences between these two products are as follows:

Offline Explorer does not support offline viewing of HTTPS (Secured) sites where Offline Explorer Pro does.

There is no Queue Manager in Offline Explorer that allows you to see what sites are being downloaded and which are waiting to be downloaded. This is an option in Offline Explorer Pro.

You cannot download different sites to different directories in Offline Explorer. All the downloaded sites will go to the same directory (c:\download by default). Offline Explorer Pro will allow each site to go to a different directory.

There are a few other advanced features that are different between the two programs, but those are the major ones.


This program done exactly what they said it would do. It downloaded the site and it let me add, change, and/or delete things within the page and put it back onto the site. This is a very handy utility to have when you are working on Web or FTP sites, especially when you’re dealing with multiple sites.

All that math made my head hurt.

This is a very useful utility that will definitely delivers what they promise, no more, no less.

Thanks for reading and God Bless

Recommended: Yes

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ZDNet Reviews StartUp Organizer v1.0 wins 5 Stars

We`ve reviewed several utilities that let you manage the programs that automatically launch when Windows boots up, but none have impressed us like StartUp Organizer. This well-crafted tool makes use of an intuitive double-paned Explorer-like interface to let you work with both the obvious (StartUp folder entries) and hidden (items launched behind-the-scenes from the Registry or other system files) startup apps. Delete leftover "junk" pointers or add new links with ease. Temporarily disable an autostarted application just by unchecking it. Multiple configurations can be backed up. You can even move some of the autostarted programs to the Controlled Startup category to speed up system initialization when necessary. Quick access to the Registry editor, system editor, and startup folders is provided should you feel the need to tinker further. Even if you like the fairly decent Windows 98/Me System Configuration Utility, StartUp Organizer deserves a look. This is a 30-day trial version.

5 cows at Tucow

5 cows at Tucow

The ultimate "Offline Browser" has arrive and its name is, The MetaProducts Offline Explorer. This strong and mighty offline browser lets you download sites for later viewing. You can surf the net in its supplied browser. In the supplied browser looks and navigates just like it would if you were connected to the internet. Threaded downloaded of pages allows MetaProducts Offline Explorer to be fast and takes advantage of available bandwidth.

MetaProducts Offline Explorer is built to be user friend and complete. They have made it easy to organize sites that you want to browse by separating it into projects. The projects have properties that let you specify what type of files you want to download. This is also where you tell the program how deep to go through the site in levels. Everything is self-explanatory and you don`t even have to go looking for help.

Offline Explorer Pro has been awarded a 5 star rating at A1 Yippee Shareware

Offline Explorer Pro has been awarded a 5 star rating at A1 Yippee Shareware

Offline Explorer is the next generation of offline browser. It combines flexibility, power and ease of use in a tightly-coded package.

Our Review:
Offline Explorer Pro allows you to download web pages and files to view later. It has the ability to print web pages and put multiple URLs in each project. Good if you don`t have the time to view web pages and want to download and view them later at a greater speed than if you were online. You can also schedule downloads of pages to make sure that you have the most up to date version. Offline Explorer Pro is a great offline browser that is fast and efficient.

Mass Downloader v2.0 received 5 cows at Tucows this time!

Mass Downloader v2.0 received 5 cows at Tucows this time!

MetaProducts Mass Downloader (MD) is a download manager that allows you to download individual files (or lists of files) from the Web and FTP sites. Multiple downloading-channels technology significantly decreases the time necessary to download files. This program also allows you to browse ZIP archives before loading them and to choose only the desired files to download (a feature offered by no other file downloading program).

Mass Downloader also gives you the option to schedule downloads. This feature would work great with a Macro & Automation program. Connect to the Internet and MD does its work.

It features a excellent Internet Explorer-like user interface (Offline Explorer allows you to download entire Web sites, whereas MD allows you to download specific files by filename).

Two logs are available to check the status of your download. A preview window and log view show everything you need to know about the programs you are attempting to download.

This is an overall great program with many customizable features to satisfy anyone who downloads. With an embedded feature in your right-click menu, download has never been easier. Enjoy!

Mass Downloader get a

Mass Downloader get a "ListSoftCool" & "ListSoft Users Choise" awards!

Nice program for downloading files from the Internet. One of its ineteresting features - it lets your view the content of .zip archives before downloading and, say, download just a specified file from archive...

Also it can resume downloading of partially downloaded files left by other downloaders; work by schedule (you can set different time for each project); break file into pieces and download them in parallel, etc.

Be One of the First to Rate This Title!

Be One of the First to Rate This Title!

Offline Explorer Pro is a powerful system for downloading Web, FTP, and HTTPS sites for offline viewing and other purposes. This well-designed, accessible system offers precise selection criteria, support for current Web technologies, and convenient viewing. Neatly accessible project properties allow you to view and edit file and URL filters as well as access advanced features, including link translations, scheduling, passwords, and the ability to keep old files when updating a site. Extensive options let you tailor the selection of data and its treatment, including the use of keywords. Features include templates, employing up to 100 simultaneous downloads, defining projects with multiple URLs, a built-in browser, and URL macros. The program also supports cookies, Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, Java Classes, Cascading Style Sheets, Table of Contents files, and different proxy servers. Its integrated HTTP server even lets you share captured files. Reviews Offline Explorer Version 1.3 Reviews Offline Explorer Version 1.3

MetaProduct Offline Explore has become an important part of my life now. After downloading and trying the offline explore I have found peace, in my household. I can download everything that I want then browse it offline. Now nobody compains about taking up the phoneline being online.

There are a lot of offline browser, but believe me MetaProduct offline is best that I have yet to use. I have tried websnake, and blackwidow, but none of them function as well as MetaProducts Offline Explorer. There`s no seconding guessing what you`re doing, where it`s at, and how you can get back to it when you`re using MetaProduct. It`s not complexs like most offline products, it has every thing placed where you`d think it should go. Instead of looking all over things, the webpage is mapped page to page just like it would if you were online looking at the site.

The Design of MetaProducts Offline browser is built for easy access. The Naviagation looks just like a regular web browser. It has a browser built in to it. That broswer is used for easy offline browsering. There is a file tree that you can seperate projects. Reviews Mass Downloader Version 1.2.87 Reviews Mass Downloader Version 1.2.87

Mass Downloader is a great utility that provides a fast and easy way to deliver files to your PC. The program fully integrates into your everyday Internet browsing, allowing you to initiate downloads with right-clicks and drag and drops. You can select files for immediate downloading, or send them to a queue for batch processing later...

This program offers a few features that I haven`t seen in other download managers. If the program encounters a ZIP file, it lets you view its contents before even downloading it. You`ll be able to download individual items without downloading the entire ZIP file. Another cool option is that you can import partial file downloads from other download managers.

Mass Download certainly rates as one of the better download managers available. I`d particularly recommend it to beginning Internet users. This shareware version is fully functional, but expires after 30 days. Mass Downloader receives five smileys.